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Vibrating Screen Exciter
Vibrating Screen Exciter

The vibrating screen exciter is a component of the vibrating screen that generates the mechanical vibrations necessary for the screening process. It typically consists of an electric motor with an unbalanced mass attached to its rotating shaft. As the motor rotates, the unbalanced mass creates centrifugal force, causing the entire screen assembly to vibrate. The vibrating screen exciter plays a crucial role in the operation of the vibrating screen by providing the necessary energy to move the material across the screen deck and separate it into different size fractions. The amplitude and frequency of the vibrations generated by the exciter can be adjusted to optimize the screening process for specific materials and applications. There are different types of vibrating screen exciters, including: Eccentric shaft exciter: This type of exciter consists of an eccentric shaft with weights attached to it. As the shaft rotates, the centrifugal force generated by the unbalanced weights causes the screen assembly to vibrate. Unbalanced motor exciter: In this type of exciter, an electric motor is mounted on the screen assembly with one or more unbalanced masses attached to its rotating shaft. The rotation of the motor creates vibrations that are transmitted to the screen deck.

Technical Characteristics Of The Vibrating Screen Exciter
  • 01There are two helical gears inside the vibrating screen exciter

    There are two helical gears in the vibrating screen exciter, and the gear shaft is supported by a spherical cylindrical roller bearing installed on the box; the exciting mass of the eccentric block plays a key role in generating the exciting force; the bearing splash lubrication is adopted. The lubricating oil is installed at the bottom corner of the vibrator. The oil surface has a certain height. It splashes around through the helical gear. The collecting funnel guides the oil to the bearing through the outlet at the bottom. There is a place at the bottom of the vibrator. The oil hole is equipped with an oil retaining plate on the inner shaft of the bearing cover, which together with the oil seal in the labyrinth ring groove seals the lubricating oil in the exciter, and injects oil into the groove outside the labyrinth through the oil cup on the bearing cover. Grease to prevent granular materials from entering the exciter. There is a steel pipe on the outside of the lower part of the exciter, which communicates with the inside of the exciter. An oil dipstick is installed inside the steel pipe, and a breather cover is installed on the symmetrical position of the oil dipstick. It also acts as an oil injection channel.

  • 02The vibrating screen exciter shell adopts advanced ductile iron thin-walled casting technology

    The shell of the vibrating screen exciter adopts the advanced ductile iron thin-wall casting process, which is casted at one time, and then assembled after artificial aging, flaw detection, processing, and three-coordinate inspection.

  • 03The vibrating screen exciter adopts Schenker technology

    The vibrating screen exciter adopts Schenck technology without a vent cap, which completely prevents dust or foreign matter from entering the vibrator; the gas and heat in the vibrator can be freely exchanged with the outside through the special sealing device between the shafts, and no The lubricating oil leaks outside; the magnetic oil plug absorbs the metal fines inside the exciter, effectively protecting all rotating parts inside the exciter from damage, improving the reliability and safety of the equipment; the vibration force of the equipment is easy to adjust. When the exciter is running, the noise at a distance of 1 meter from the equipment should not exceed 80dB(A).

  • 04The vibrating screen exciter shaft is all made of 42CrMo material

    The shaft of the vibrating screen exciter is all made of 42CrMo for forging, quenching and tempering, processing, fine grinding, and three-coordinate testing; the axial runout is not allowed to exceed ±0.01mm.

  • 05The bearings adopt imported SKF or FAG double row heavy-duty vibration special bearings

    Bearings are imported SKF or FAG Double-row heavy-duty vibration special bearings, the design life is not less than 15,000 hours. Splash oil lubrication is used to make lubricity and heat dissipation better. SKF fluorine rubber oil seal is used, which is more wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant.



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