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Elliptical Motion Vibrating Screen: Enhanced Screening Efficiency

Elliptical Motion Vibrating Screen

An elliptical motion vibrating screen is a type of vibrating screen that utilizes elliptical motion in its operation. This motion pattern differs from the linear and circular motion patterns commonly found in vibrating screens.
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Elliptical Motion Vibrating Screen Overview

Elliptical motion vibrating screen adopts three axies drive, elliptical motion of the screen box, and equal thickness of the flow material.

Three axises drive, elliptical motion is the screen box in the synthesis of inertia force of the group of three vibrating exciters, elliptical motion in the vertical plane, the elliptical motion is good to the material forward delivering, stratification and screening.

The equal thickness elliptical motion vibrating screen method guaranteed the high efficiency. This series screen transmission adopts forced synchronization principle, with adjustment for screening parameters and working state stability.

There are two kinds of exciters for this series screen, one is the three group of exciters mounted on the upper part of the side plate, another structure for vibration exciter is arranged in the upper part of the screen box. The exciting force of vibration exciter can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric block thickness. It can adjust the length, short axis of elliptical motion locus of the screen box the size of the movement trajectory ( 8-10mm, long axis, short axis 3-5mm ).

The long axis of amplitude is to forward delivery screen surface material, the short axis amplitude has loose screening effect on the screen surface material.

Motion vibrating screen adopts two vibration isolation system, the drive to load minimum dynamic foundation, the work in the resonance state, its operation is stable and reliable, has low noise.

Product Feature:

1.High screening Efficiency

2.Big capacity

3.Oil lubrication makes easy maintenance

4.Wearable mat.

5.Especially for sinter plant

Elliptical Motion Vibrating Screen Working Principle

Motion Pattern: As the name suggests, an elliptical motion vibrating screen generates an elliptical or oval-shaped motion during operation. This motion is created by the eccentric weights or mechanisms mounted on the screen's drive shafts. The elliptical motion combines the advantages of both linear and circular motion, offering efficient screening and high throughput.

Screening Surface: The screen surface of an elliptical motion vibrating screen typically consists of multiple decks or layers of screen panels. These panels may be made of wire mesh, perforated plates, or synthetic materials, depending on the application requirements and the type of material being screened.

Vibration Mechanism: The vibration mechanism of an elliptical motion vibrating screen usually involves one or more sets of eccentric weights mounted on the shafts of the screen's drive system. As these weights rotate, they generate an elliptical motion in the screen box, causing the material on the screen surface to move in an elliptical trajectory.

Material Separation: Similar to other types of vibrating screens, the material fed onto the elliptical motion vibrating screen is separated based on particle size. Smaller particles pass through the screen openings, while larger particles are retained on the screen surface and discharged at the end of the screening process.

Adjustability: Operators can adjust various parameters of the elliptical motion vibrating screen, such as the amplitude and frequency of the vibration, to optimize the screening performance for different types of materials and particle sizes.

Benefits: The elliptical motion vibrating screen offers several advantages over traditional linear and circular motion screens. It provides a more efficient screening process with improved material stratification and reduced pegging and blinding of the screen openings. Additionally, the elliptical motion helps to prevent material buildup and enhances the overall screening capacity and efficiency.

Applications: Elliptical motion vibrating screens are commonly used in industries such as mining, aggregate processing, construction, recycling, and others where high-capacity screening of bulk materials is required.

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