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Double Deck Banana Screens

Double Deck Banana Screens

The double deck banana screens offer efficient and reliable screening solutions for bulk materials, thanks to their unique banana-shaped deck design, high-frequency vibration mechanism, and versatility. Their enhanced screening efficiency makes them suitable for optimizing screening operations in various industries.
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Double deck banana screens are specialized types of vibrating screens used for efficient screening of bulk materials. They feature two decks with banana-shaped profiles, offering increased screening area and improved efficiency compared to traditional flat-deck screens. 

Double Deck Banana Screens Features

Simple and compact structure, high rigidity, high strength, balanced force distribution and large safety factor;

● Long service life, the service life of the screen body is up to 10 years, and the service life of the exciter is more than 60,000 hours;

● Reasonable setting of vibration parameters, avoiding the natural frequencies of all levels of the screen body and reducing the influence of resonance;

● Complete varieties, which can fully meet the screening process requirements of different material characteristics and processing capacity;

● Light weight, low power consumption, high vibration intensity (9-12mm), and high screening efficiency (>95%);

● Low working noise, the noise level is lower than 75 decibels, and the operation is stable;

● The working system of the whole machine is S1, which ensures stable and continuous work for 24 hours;

● Adopt imported FFT professional frequency analyzer for frequency response and dynamic analysis;

● The screening machine is easy to operate and maintain, safe to use, cost-effective, sufficient spare parts, and timely and thoughtful service.

The Working Principle of Vibrating Screen:

Banana-Shaped Decks: Double deck banana screens consist of two screen decks, each with a banana-shaped profile. The banana shape is characterized by a gentle slope and a concave profile along the length of the decks. This design provides increased screening area and allows for efficient material stratification.

Vibration Mechanism: Similar to single deck banana screens, double deck banana screens are equipped with a vibration mechanism. This usually includes an eccentric shaft with unbalanced weights or flywheels attached to it. When the motor rotates the shaft, it generates vibration that is transferred to both screen decks, causing them to oscillate.

High-Frequency Vibration: Double deck banana screens typically operate at high frequencies to enhance screening efficiency. The high-frequency vibration, combined with the banana-shaped decks, creates a unique motion pattern characterized by rapid acceleration and deceleration along the length of each deck. This dynamic motion promotes efficient material stratification and screening.

Material Stratification: As the material is fed onto the double deck banana screens, the high-frequency vibration and banana-shaped decks facilitate efficient material stratification. Larger particles tend to migrate to the top of the upper deck, while finer particles settle towards the bottom of the lower deck. This stratification process helps to separate materials into different size fractions and optimize screening performance.

Multiple Screening Sizes: Double deck banana screens offer the flexibility to screen material into multiple size fractions simultaneously. Each deck can have different screen openings or mesh sizes to accommodate the desired particle size ranges. This allows for efficient screening of a wide range of materials with varying particle sizes.

Adjustability: Operators can adjust various parameters of double deck banana screens, such as the amplitude and frequency of vibration, to optimize the screening process for different types of materials and desired screening efficiency. They can also adjust the angle of inclination of the screen decks to control the material flow and screening performance.

Versatility: Double deck banana screens are versatile and can be used for various applications, including screening of dry or wet materials, scalping ahead of crushers or grinding mills, dewatering, and classification of different particle sizes. They find applications in industries such as mining, aggregates, recycling, and construction.

Double Deck Banana Screens Application

Double deck banana screens are specialized types of vibrating screens with two decks, each featuring a banana-shaped profile. These screens are commonly used in industries such as mining, aggregate processing, and recycling for efficient screening of bulk materials. Here's how double deck banana screens are typically applied:

High-Capacity Screening: Double deck banana screens are designed for high-capacity screening applications where large volumes of material need to be processed efficiently. The two decks provide increased screening area compared to single deck screens, allowing for higher throughput capacity and improved screening efficiency.

Fine Particle Classification: Double deck banana screens are often used for fine particle classification in mineral processing operations. The combination of the banana-shaped deck profile and high-frequency vibration promotes efficient material stratification, resulting in precise separation of fine particles from coarse ones.

Scalping and Pre-Screening: Double deck banana screens are commonly used for scalping or pre-screening purposes to remove oversized particles or contaminants from the feed material. The first deck acts as a scalping screen, while the second deck further classifies the material into finer size fractions.

Multi-Stage Screening: Double deck banana screens can be integrated into multi-stage screening circuits to achieve multiple stages of particle size classification in a single machine. This allows for the efficient processing of material through sequential screening steps, optimizing overall screening performance and product quality.

Dewatering: In some applications, double deck banana screens are used for dewatering purposes to remove excess moisture from wet materials or slurry streams. The high-frequency vibration and inclined deck profile help to dewater the material by promoting efficient drainage of water from the solids.

Tailings Management: Double deck banana screens are commonly used for tailings management in mining operations to recover valuable minerals from process tailings or to dewater tailings slurries for disposal. Their efficient dewatering capabilities help in reducing the volume of tailings and minimizing environmental impact.

Versatility: Double deck banana screens are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including screening of aggregates, coal, iron ore, and other bulk materials. They are suitable for dry or wet screening operations and can handle various feed sizes and types of material.

Space-Saving Design: Despite their dual deck configuration, double deck banana screens have a compact and space-saving design, making them suitable for installation in constrained plant layouts or mobile screening applications.

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