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MVE-SV Screen Vibrators: High-Performance Vibration Solutions

MVE-SV Screen Vibrators

The MVE-SV are “long” electric vibrators, with foot fixing on the ends of the body. They are available in 4-pole version with different voltages, suitable for use with inverters (variable frequency drive) and centrifugal force variable from 3,500 to 8,000 kg, adjustable on each individual model.
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The MVE-SV screen vibrators are a series of specialized electric motors designed specifically for vibrating screens used in various industrial applications. These vibrators are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and durability, making them suitable for screening and separating bulk materials efficiently. 

MVE-SV Screen Vibrators Features

Robust Construction: MVE-SV screen vibrators are built with durable materials and heavy-duty components to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments.

High Efficiency: These vibrators are engineered for optimal energy efficiency, providing reliable performance while minimizing power consumption.

Adjustable Settings: MVE-SV motors often come with adjustable settings for vibration intensity, frequency, and amplitude, allowing operators to customize the vibrations based on specific application requirements.

Low Maintenance: With sealed construction and few moving parts, MVE-SV screen vibrators require minimal maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and lower operating costs.

Versatility: They are suitable for a wide range of vibrating screen applications across industries such as mining, aggregates, construction, recycling, and more.

MVE-SV Screen Vibrators Working Principles

Electric Excitation: MVE-SV Screen Vibrators operate based on electromagnetic excitation principles. When an electric current flows through the motor windings, it generates a magnetic field that interacts with the rotor, causing it to rotate.

Eccentric Weight: Each vibrator in the MVE-SV series is equipped with an eccentric weight mounted on the rotor shaft. As the rotor rotates, the eccentric weight generates centrifugal force, leading to vibration.

Vibration Generation: The vibration produced by the eccentric weight is transmitted to the vibrating screen deck, causing it to vibrate. This vibration facilitates the movement and separation of bulk materials on the screen surface.

Control: MVE-SV screen vibrators can be controlled manually or through automated systems such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs), offering precise control over vibration characteristics.

MVE-SV Screen Vibrators Applications

Material Screening: MVE-SV screen vibrators are commonly used in vibrating screens for screening and separating bulk materials such as aggregates, ores, minerals, sand, gravel, and recyclable materials.

Particle Sizing: They find applications in particle sizing equipment such as scalping screens, dewatering screens, and trommel screens for classifying particles based on size, shape, or density.

Dewatering: MVE-SV motors are utilized in dewatering screens and equipment to remove excess moisture from materials such as slurry, pulp, and wet aggregates.

Trash Removal: They are used in vibrating screens equipped with trash removal decks or finger screens to remove oversized or unwanted materials from the feed stream.

Scalping and Pre-screening: MVE-SV screen vibrators are employed in scalping screens and pre-screening equipment to remove fines, undersized particles, and contaminants before the primary screening process.

In summary, MVE-SV screen vibrators are reliable and efficient components used in vibrating screens for material screening, separation, sizing, and dewatering applications in various industries. Their robust construction, high efficiency, and adjustable settings make them suitable for a wide range of industrial vibrating screen applications.

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