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Five Decks Stack Sizer: Enhanced Screening Efficiency

Five Decks Stack Sizer

The five-deck stack sizer offers a highly efficient and versatile solution for fine screening applications in various industries. Its compact design, high screening efficiency, and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for producers looking to achieve precise particle size separation and maximize production throughput.
  • Description

The stack sizer is a multi-deck, high-capacity, fine screening machine developed by derrick corporation for wet and dry screening applications. It is commonly used in industries such as mineral processing, mining, aggregate, chemical, and industrial minerals. The stack sizer consists of multiple vibrating screen decks stacked on top of each other, with each deck having a different screen aperture size. 

Five Decks Stack Sizer Features

High Screening Efficiency: The five-deck stack sizer offers high screening efficiency by providing multiple stages of fine screening in a compact footprint. The stacked arrangement of screen decks allows for effective separation of fine particles, resulting in improved product quality and increased throughput.

Multi-Deck Design: With five individual screen decks stacked vertically, the stack sizer can effectively classify material into multiple size fractions simultaneously. Each deck is equipped with fine mesh screens of varying aperture sizes to achieve precise particle size separation.

Small Footprint: Despite its multiple decks, the stack sizer has a relatively small footprint compared to traditional screening equipment with similar capacity. This compact design makes it suitable for installations where space is limited or where multiple screening stages are required in a confined area.

Vibration Mechanism: The stack sizer utilizes a high-frequency, low-amplitude vibration mechanism to generate the necessary motion for screening. This vibration pattern ensures efficient screening of fine particles without causing excessive agitation or blinding of the screen surfaces.

Modular Design: The stack sizer features a modular design, allowing for easy customization and configuration to meet specific process requirements. Additional screen decks can be added or removed as needed to accommodate changes in feed material characteristics or processing objectives.

Versatility: The Stack Sizer is versatile and can be used for a wide range of wet and dry screening applications, including dewatering, desliming, classification, and sizing of various mineral ores, coal, aggregates, and industrial minerals.

Low Maintenance: With its robust construction and simple design, the stack sizer requires minimal maintenance and downtime. It is equipped with durable components that are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in demanding industrial environments.

Energy Efficiency: The stack sizer is energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional screening equipment while delivering superior performance. This helps to reduce operating costs and improve overall process efficiency.

Five Decks Stack Sizer Application

The stack sizer is a multi-deck, high-efficiency vibrating screen utilized in various industries for particle size classification and dewatering applications. The stack sizer typically consists of several screen decks stacked vertically, each with a different mesh size or configuration.

Fine Particle Classification: A five-deck stack sizer can be used for fine particle classification in mineral processing applications. Each screen deck is equipped with fine mesh panels to separate particles into different size fractions. This helps in achieving precise particle size distribution for downstream processes such as flotation, leaching, and gravity separation.

Dewatering: The stack sizer can also be utilized for dewatering applications in industries such as mining, aggregates, and industrial minerals. The multiple screen decks allow for efficient dewatering of slurry or wet materials by removing excess moisture from the solids. This results in a drier product for further processing or disposal.

High-Capacity Screening: With its multiple screen decks, the five-deck stack sizer offers high-capacity screening capabilities, making it suitable for processing large volumes of feed material. It can handle high throughputs while maintaining excellent screening efficiency and accuracy.

Scalping and Pre-Screening: In some applications, the stack sizer can be used for scalping or pre-screening purposes to remove oversized particles or contaminants from the feed material. This helps protect downstream equipment such as crushers and mills from damage and improves overall process efficiency.

Multi-Stage Classification: The five-deck stack sizer can be integrated into multi-stage classification circuits to achieve precise particle size control and product quality. By stacking multiple screen decks with varying mesh sizes, it allows for finer classification of particles and better separation efficiency compared to single-deck screens.

Tailings Management: In mineral processing operations, the stack sizer can be employed for tailings management to recover valuable minerals from process tailings or to dewater tailings slurries for disposal. Its efficient dewatering capabilities help in reducing the volume of tailings and minimizing environmental impact.

Industrial Applications: Beyond mining and mineral processing, the five-deck stack sizer can find applications in various industrial sectors such as pulp and paper, chemical processing, food processing, and wastewater treatment. It can be used for particle size classification, dewatering, and solid-liquid separation in these industries.

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