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Finger Screen Vibrating Separator: Efficient Particle Separation

Finger Screen Vibrating Separator

The finger screen vibrating separators are effective solutions for screening and separating difficult-to-handle materials in various industries. Their unique finger design, high-amplitude vibration, and self-cleaning action make them well-suited for applications where conventional vibrating screens may struggle to perform effectively.
  • Description

Finger screen vibrating separators for recycling resources have become an industry icon and have been used in hundreds of applications worldwide. Now, we're raising the bar once more. The new Primary Screen raises the bar once more. Featuring all the benefits of the original, this new design provides a longer displacement than the original, allowing it to move materials that have traditionally been difficult to screen.

The superior separation and classification capabilities of vibratory processing with our unique Finger screen deck are great for stream applications. Finger screen primary screens also feature an enhanced vibratingaction that spreads material across the deck to maximize screen area utilization. In addition to tapered finger designs, unique cam-out surfaces and staggered positions help prevent material bypass. As material cascades down the deck without plugging, trapping, or pegging, separation performance is further improved. Dynamic, continuous material flow optimizes classification and separation.

Finger Screen Vibrating Separators Advantages

Vibratory motion evenly distributes material for maximum classification efficiency.

Screens traditionally difficult materials with a longer displacement.

Static fingers prevent bypassing of materials.

There is no obstruction to processing larger materials due to the width.

Three-dimensional sizing is possible with the finger screen deck.

Entrapped items can be separated by cascading material flow.

Cam-out surfaces eliminate binding and catching.

Tapered fingers gently separate tangled materials.

Custom-engineered to meet your specific classification requirements.

Modular deck construction permits easy deck replacement.

Working Principle

Finger screen vibrating separators, also known as finger screens or grizzly screens, are specialized vibrating screens used primarily in heavy-duty applications for separating coarse materials. They operate based on a unique principle that involves the use of finger-like or staggered bars to facilitate the screening process. Here's how the working principle of finger screen vibrating separators typically operates:

Finger-Like Bars: The main distinguishing feature of finger screen vibrating separators is the presence of finger-like bars or panels arranged in a staggered configuration on the screen deck. These bars are typically made of sturdy materials such as steel and are spaced apart to allow for the passage of undersized material between them.

Vibration Mechanism: Finger screen vibrating separators are equipped with a vibration mechanism similar to other types of vibrating screens. This typically consists of an eccentric shaft with unbalanced weights or flywheels attached to it. When the motor rotates the shaft, it generates vibration that is transferred to the screen deck, causing it to oscillate.

Material Feed: Bulk materials are fed onto the top of the vibrating separator screen deck using a conveyor belt, chute, or other feeding mechanism. As the material flows across the screen deck, the finger-like bars help to spread it out evenly and prevent blinding or clogging of the screen surface.

Screening Process: As the material moves along the screen deck, smaller particles pass through the openings between the finger-like bars, while larger particles are retained on the screen surface. This separation process effectively classifies the material into different size fractions, with undersized material passing through and oversized material being discharged at the end of the screen deck.

Self-Cleaning Action: One of the key advantages of finger screen vibrating separators is their self-cleaning action. The staggered arrangement of the finger-like bars helps prevent material from getting trapped or wedged between them, reducing the risk of blinding or clogging. This allows for continuous operation without the need for frequent maintenance or manual cleaning.

Adjustability: Operators can adjust various parameters of finger screen vibrating separators, such as the amplitude and frequency of vibration, to optimize the screening process for different types of materials and desired screening efficiency. They can also adjust the angle of inclination of the screen deck to control the material flow and screening performance.

High Capacity and Efficiency: Finger screen vibrating separators are known for their high capacity and efficiency in screening coarse materials. The rugged construction and self-cleaning design make them ideal for handling heavy-duty applications in industries such as mining, aggregates, recycling, and construction.

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