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Oil Lubrication Vibrating Screen Exciter

Oil Lubrication Vibrating Screen Exciter

Oil lubrication vibrating screen exciter is an additional device on some mechanical equipment that generates exciting force. It is an important part of mechanical vibration utilization. It can obtain a certain form and amplitude of vibration through micro-addition, thereby making the object vibrate and intensify.
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Oil lubrication vibrating screen exciters are specialized components used in vibrating screens to generate the necessary vibratory motion for efficient screening of materials. These exciters rely on oil lubrication systems to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

Technical features and advantages

1. The structure of the vibration exciter is two types: seat installation and flange installation.

2. Use the principle of self-synchronization to make the vibrating machine vibrate linearly.

3. Fix the exciter on the excited part during work, and the excited part will obtain the required vibration.

4. This type of vibration exciter is made with precision gear box body, light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, no oil leakage, durable and reliable, high cost performance, and continuous operation at high frequency.

5. The motor is installed on the fixed base on the side (left or right) of the vibrating machine. The motor does not participate in vibration, and the motor is connected to the vibrator with a universal joint shaft.

6. The eccentric block is easy to adjust and disassemble.

7. The design life is more than 10,000 hours.

8. Both contact and axial labyrinth seals are used, with good sealing performance.

9. An oil injection hole is set above the casing of the thin oil exciter of the high-frequency vibrating screen to ensure that the bearing is well lubricated and does not leak oil.

10. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life.

11. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, flexible adjustment and small maintenance.

12. The service life is 3-5 years.

Oil Lubrication Vibrating Screen Exciter Working Principles

Electric Excitation: Oil lubrication vibrating screen exciters operate based on electromagnetic excitation principles. When an electric current flows through the exciter coils, it generates a magnetic field that interacts with the armature, causing it to move back and forth.

Eccentric Weight: Each exciter is equipped with an eccentric weight mounted on the armature. As the armature moves back and forth, the eccentric weight generates centrifugal force, leading to vibration.

Vibration Generation: The vibration produced by the eccentric weight is transmitted to the vibrating screen deck, causing it to vibrate. This vibration facilitates the movement and separation of bulk materials on the screen surface.

Control: Oil lubrication vibrating screen exciters can be controlled manually or through automated systems such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs), offering precise control over vibration characteristics.

Oil Lubrication Vibrating Screen Exciter Applications

Material Screening: They are commonly used in vibrating screens for screening and separating bulk materials such as aggregates, ores, minerals, sand, gravel, and recyclable materials.

Particle Sizing: Oil lubrication vibrating screen exciters find applications in particle sizing equipment such as scalping screens, dewatering screens, and trommel screens for classifying particles based on size, shape, or density.

Dewatering: They are utilized in dewatering screens and equipment to remove excess moisture from materials such as slurry, pulp, and wet aggregates.

Trash Removal: Oil lubrication vibrating screen exciters are used in screens equipped with trash removal decks or finger screens to remove oversized or unwanted materials from the feed stream.

Scalping and Pre-screening: They are employed in scalping screens and pre-screening equipment to remove fines, undersized particles, and contaminants before the primary screening process.

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