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Dosing Vibrating Feeder: Accurate Material Dispensing Solutions

Dosing Vibrating Feeder

Dosing vibrating feeders play a crucial role in various industries where accurate and reliable material dosing is critical for product quality, process efficiency, and regulatory compliance.
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A dosing vibrating feeder, also known as a dosing feeder or volumetric feeder, is a specialized type of vibrating feeder designed for precise and controlled dosing or metering of bulk materials. These feeders are commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and packaging, where accurate material feeding is essential for product quality and process efficiency.

Dosing Vibrating Feeder Overview

The dosing vibrating feeder is a compact and powerful vibrating conveyor with flow rates up to 5 m3/h, or even higher depending on the product or application if equipped with the proven dosing drive. They can be used as linear vibrating screens with continuous vibration width control and are suitable for almost any dosing or dosing task of bulk materials.

These machines are particularly suitable for continuous or batch feeding of bulk materials in the chemical, food, plastics and packaging industries. Our small dosing machines have also been successfully used in various other industries. Not only are they used for metering purposes, they also serve as space-saving and cost-effective conveyors.

In addition to standard widths (60, 90, 120 and 220 mm), we also produce metering feeders and metering spindles with cylindrical feed troughs according to your specifications and requirements. The standard material of the small screen is stainless steel 1.4301, and the surface glass is sandblasted. The standard kit includes a partial cover with an inlet ring on the feed end.

Other deliverable options include alternative structural materials, special surfaces, complete enclosures, exit rings and substructures (static, removable).

The unit can be equipped with a thyristor controller so that it can be connected at any time to meet CE requirements.

Dosing Vibrating Feeder Features

Precise Dosing: Dosing vibrating feeders are designed to deliver precise and consistent amounts of material at predetermined rates or volumes. This ensures accurate dosing for batching, blending, mixing, filling, or other manufacturing processes.

Adjustability: They often feature adjustable settings for vibration intensity, frequency, and amplitude, allowing operators to fine-tune the feeding rate according to specific process requirements.

Control Systems: Dosing feeders may be equipped with advanced control systems, such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs), to regulate the feeding rate and synchronize with downstream equipment.

Versatility: These feeders can handle a wide range of bulk materials, including powders, granules, pellets, flakes, and other free-flowing or cohesive materials.

Accuracy and Reliability: Dosing feeders are engineered for high accuracy and reliability, with precise dosing capabilities even for challenging materials and operating conditions.

Dosing Vibrating Feeder Working Principle

Material Loading: The dosing vibrating feeder is loaded with bulk material in its hopper or trough, either manually or through automated feeding systems.

Vibration Generation: An electromagnetic drive system or other vibratory mechanism generates controlled vibrations that cause the material to move along the feeder trough.

Dosing Control: The amplitude, frequency, and duration of the vibrations are adjusted to control the feeding rate and deliver precise amounts of material at the desired intervals.

Material Discharge: At the discharge end of the feeder, mechanisms such as gates, valves, or conveyor belts regulate the flow of material onto the next stage of the production process.

Dosing Vibrating Feeder Applications

Food Processing: Dosing vibrating feeders are used in food processing industries for accurate dosing of ingredients such as flour, sugar, spices, additives, and flavorings in baking, mixing, blending, and packaging applications.

Pharmaceuticals: They are employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing for precise dosing of active ingredients, excipients, and additives in tablet pressing, capsule filling, granulation, and blending processes.

Chemicals and Plastics: Dosing feeders are used in chemical processing and plastics manufacturing for metering additives, pigments, resins, and other raw materials in compounding, extrusion, molding, and coating operations.

Packaging: They find applications in packaging lines for dosing and filling products into containers, pouches, bags, or bottles with precise quantities of powders, granules, or other bulk materials.

Mining and Minerals: Dosing vibrating feeders are utilized in mining and mineral processing for accurately dosing ores, minerals, and aggregates into crushers, screens, mills, and other equipment.

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